Posted: Wed, 8/22/07 One of my favorite days of the year is when our good friends at US Customs release our big box of snowboards. Some of our best shops already have the new stuff in stock Read More

summer so far .

Posted: Tue, 8/21/07 here is a really fast little run down of summer so far .. had an art show had a tattoo party with scott shaw bought a new home jumped off a cliff went camping on a bRead More

Slideshow Instructions

Posted: Mon, 8/20/07 1.) The Dashboard -> Choose your Album 2.) These are the Tabs -> get to know them 3.) Upload Content Tab 4.) Browse for the File and Upload 5.) You just Uploaded a FuRead More

Snowboard Season: 07/08

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 CAPiTA's 'First Kiss' CAMP Trailer. **NEW 8_21 "CAPiTA's First Kiss" Our First Team Movie Ships Sept 1. CAPiTA's 'First Kiss' MONSTER MASH Trailer. **NEW 8_1 Read More

Snowboard Season: 06/07

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 "Scott 06 " Scotty Shaw ripped High Cascade Snowboard Camp all summer. Here's the first flick of 06. " Dustin tatooed..." Dustin tatooed by TJ. "dust_1 " "Little D is Read More

Snowboard Season: 05/06

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 " Eric F " This is Eric Fernandez. Hi Eric - pleased to meet you. " Harry Holmsten Promo " This movie is from Harri... he sent it to me in Prior to me moving in NovemRead More

Snowboard Season: 04/05

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 " pat capita " Patty pat pat pat. Patty mc patterson. Mr pat. Begles. Pat Begley. " TJ 1996 " In 1999 some friends around calgary started to make little movies Read More