Posted: Mon, 9/4/06 how you ask well......... he starts with his gental crust its ohhh so crisp, and so many ladies want to sink they teeth into it. None can however because tj is in love. IRead More

little d is weird

Posted: Sun, 9/3/06 i know this kid and anytime i read anything about him it makes me see him in a new light . hes a weird little man ! check out dustin on twsnow

the kids will play

Posted: Sat, 9/2/06 today was the day that we the kids went to play , i stole dustin and branded him for life , literally ! i tattooed part of his shoulder ( pedal at 12 , i did 2 blue sectiRead More

Check out some new Gallery Photos

Posted: Thu, 8/31/06 Corey Smith recently uploaded some dope new art for his gallery section. You should check out some of his work if you have not seen it already. You can also check out moRead More

what !

Posted: Thu, 8/31/06 i love when new mags come out . yesterday i went to the store to grab a copy of the new transworld . first thing i see is a fold out poster and this quote " i understandRead More


Posted: Tue, 8/29/06 is anyone else really getting sick of summer ? lets have a huge CAPiTA shred session in ...... fuck i dunno , where should we shred? any ideas ?? shaw mctwist calgary

red deer

Posted: Sun, 8/27/06 just a picture i like quack

i saw tool

Posted: Fri, 8/25/06 i woke up not knowing that yesterday would be the first time that i would see tool paly live . i went solo styles on a ticket i bought for 60 bucks off a friends friend. Read More