Real Life Adventures!

Shakedown at Snoqualmie

Posted: Mon, 3/15/10
The first US edition of the Ride Shakedown took place at Snoqualmie this past fri/sat. CAPiTA am Izzy Lalive won the rail jam on friday night, netting herself a cool 5G's...Read More


Posted: Sat, 3/6/10

artsy fartsy

Posted: Mon, 3/1/10
Come on out to Evo in Fremont this Friday, as some of the C3 gang will be opening a show. Participants: warehouse manager/under the bus victim LTD Kyle (aka papermarbles)...Read More

Shoulda Let Craven Ride

Posted: Thu, 2/25/10
He wasn't officially IN the games (as Canada's 1st alternate in halftube), but he did get to blast some airtime as forerunner in the tube. Yells of "let craven ride" and ...Read More

TJ Wins Some YEN!

Posted: Sat, 2/20/10
Schneids won best jibber at "The Slope" rail jam last night. Congrats, Teej. Slopestyle takes place today, then we (tj, sebi, fraser, perez & JT-san) are off to Hokkaido....Read More


Posted: Fri, 2/19/10
...thanks to CPI (our Japanese distributors) and everyone who came by the booth in Yokohama!


Posted: Fri, 2/12/10 everyone who came to see us at ispo, and to all our euro familia!