Real Life Adventures!


Posted: Sat, 6/4/11
JOIN US! It's only a couple weeks away! We're gonna have a big crew at Sleepy's Session (HCSC Session #1), come find us and shred a hot lap. Hi fives and friends in the s...Read More

Hello Brandon!

Posted: Thu, 5/26/11
Mr. Cocard (AKA: birdman; asada loins; dale; tom; cokes; coceee; coceenuts; gohard; etc...) is reminding you that summer shredding is just around the corner - as in, only...Read More


Posted: Mon, 5/16/11
Uncle Russell and Terry Kidwell at Superpark, no big deal.

The Vanilla Brown Bear

Posted: Wed, 4/13/11
AKA Phil Jacques, is a shred machine. Seen here in Anchorage, AK last spring. (Just a little photo that snuck through the cracks, so to speak). Stay tuned for the fall 20...Read More

Grenade Games

Posted: Mon, 3/28/11
Craven devours Grenade Games! Among others, of course. Looks like a good time. Click the link for the recap from Snowboarder Mag: More


Posted: Tue, 3/22/11
Mr. Stevens had a chance to get clacky with his signature feature up at Snoqualmie the other day. WTF is going on here, you may ask? Sorry, no full leaky leaks 'til the C...Read More

Watch the Realms, Then Help Japan

Posted: Mon, 3/21/11
Here at CAPiTA Super Corp, we love Japan. You should too! It's a magical place full of wonder, inhabited by the kindest humans you will ever meet. (The above snow monkeys...Read More