In battle, the Androsphinx rip apart enemies with their razor-sharp claws. They like to battle; these guys battle like every day. You know what else they like to do every day? Go to the bar and talk about it. Post Battle, it’s kinda like Après-ski. Same thing, different sport.
They go do their thing; they do a couple moves and then head for cocktail city. Although, the main difference between Sphinx and Skiers is, after a few hours in the bar, the Sphinx says to some hottie, “Hey babe, I’m a magical beast that can cast spells and stuff.” Which, a skier would never be able to say.  Don’t get me wrong, skiers say cheesy things all the time, but coming from a Sphinx it might actually be true. They can definitely cast spells, and they technically are – not that we’re profiling anyone here – magical beasts.
Plus, Sphinx run hella swag. They’ve got crazy attitude with party shades and even some tooth flair.  And, you know when homies start messing with their teeth they’re ballin’. Nothing says, “I’m a hard ass” like a dude with some gold caps on his grill, just like nothing says, “I’m a badass” like you, at the hill, with this board.

CAPiTA Horrorscope 2015/2016

One of the best urban and park boards in the game got even better for 2015. With a new RFC Sustainable Core, and all-new Bitter End Deflection Tuning on the tip and tail, this Transworld Good Wood Award winner just keeps getting stronger. Featuring a throwback blunted shape with a shorter tip and tail for decreased swing weight, the Horrorscope allows you to size down without losing any performance. Team ridden, team designed, and the #1 selling board in the CAPiTA line is a must-have deck for your quiver.

Tech Highlights

  • NEW RFC Sustainable Core
  • Form 6 Fiberglass Configuration
  • HMC Extruded Base
  • Multitech™ Level 2 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen + Sublimation Topsheet
  • Sublimation Base
  • PLT Topsheet Technology
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • NEW Bitter End Deflection Tuning
  • 4 x 2 Inserts
Length Effective Edge Waist Nose/Tail
141 108.07 24.30 28.60/28.60
143 109.69 24.40 28.70/28.70
145 111.29 24.60 29.00/29.00
147 112.89 24.80 29.20/29.20
149 114.49 25.00 29.50/29.50
Length Sidecut Max Stance (in.)
141 7.00 56.00/22.00
143 7.20 56.00/22.00
145 7.40 58.40/23.00
147 7.50 58.40/23.00
149 7.60 60.90/24.00

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