Indoor Survival

If each step you take leads you further from the cage, then you are moving in the right direction. 
Carry only what you need. Discard anything that burdens you. For the journey is long and arduous and there is no room for luxuries. Our destination is not a place, but a state of mind. We follow only the wind. We ride the storms. We seek new beginnings. 
Once we were all drifters, but many have been tricked by empty luxuries and succumbed to sedentary life. Let their choices become their resting place and depart from those who wish to lie still. 
To those who yearn for true adventure, free yourself – for the storm blows again.

CAPiTA Indoor Survival 2015/2016`

A CAPiTA classic, the Indoor Survival is the go-to board in and out of the park for a wide range of riders. These boards carve hardpack with ease, and they’re pre-positioned for pressing boxes and rails in the park. Due to the elevated contact points and mild rocker, they also float in powder amazingly well. Specialized tip and tail shapes give these boards better swing weight while retaining the ability to power through varied terrain. Featuring all new 20mm Titanal Struts, these Transworld Good Wood Award winners are some of the most versatile and best-selling boards in CAPiTA’s history.

Tech Highlights

  • NEW RFC Sustainable Select Core
  • Special Blend EVO Tech Fiberglass Configuration
  • NEW 4 x 20mm Inlayed Titanal Struts
  • XXX[truded] Base
  • Multitech™ Level 6 DeepSpace™ Silkscreen + PAM8000™ Topsheet
  • Multitech™ Sublimation + Die-cut Base
  • PLT Topsheet Technology
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • 4 x 2 Inserts
  • Titanal Base Inlay
Length Effective Edge Waist Nose/Tail
150 112.80 24.20 28.50/28.50
152 113.25 24.30 28.60/28.60
154 115.47 24.80 29.20/29.20
156 116.95 25.10 29.60/29.60
158 118.12 25.30 29.80/29.80
160 119.40 25.65 30.23/30.23
Length Sidecut Max Stance (in.)
150 7.70 58.40/23.00
152 7.73 60.90/24.00
154 7.90 60.90/24.00
156 7.96 63.50/25.00
158 8.06 67.50/26.60
160 8.08 67.50/26.60

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