Space Metal Fantasy


Unicorns rule. Period. Before God created Heaven and Earth, there were Unicorns. They roamed the universe grazing on stardust like you eat cereal for breakfast. They were creatures of freedom. They did what they pleased, and were too occupied with being free and awesome to encroach on another unicorn's game.

When two unicorns fell in love, their awesomeness exponentially multiplied. Eventually all Unicorns found love and because so much awesomeness happened at once the Universe imploded and became the world we know now, where everything is actually in reverse. The Unicorns transformed from the physical form we depict them to an ethereal form that exists in all atoms. This is why each and everyone of us has a little bit of Unicorn inside us. It is also why our potential for being awesome is limitless, especially when we're in love.

Sidenote: Unicorns in their physical form are 3000 miles high at the shoulders. The Unicorn depicted on this snowboard, is very very very small compared to a real one.

Based on the award winning Horrorscope and regarded as one of the best women’s park boards on the market, this reverse camber board is rider friendly and progression oriented. Elevated contact points provide a very forgiving, fun experience for intermediate riders looking to expedite the learning curve, and pre-loaded reverse camber positioning helps expert level jibbers looking to impress.


  • WDT Engineered Jib Core
  • Pre-Preg 420 Fiberglass Configuration
  • High Transparent Extruded Base
  • Sublimation + Silkscreen Topsheet
  • 360 Degree Steel Edges
  • Silkscreened ABS Bomb Proof Sidewalls
  • 4x2 Inserts



Length Effective Edge Waist Nose/Tail Sidecut Max Stance (Inches)
140 1055 23.00 27.34 / 27.34 6.70 22
143 1080 23.30 27.65 / 27.65 6.90 22
145 1095 23.60 27.94 / 27.94 7.10 23
147 1110 23.90 28.24 / 28.24 7.30 23
149 1125 24.10 28.44 / 28.44 7.50 23

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