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Name: Scott Stevens
DOB: 7/13/1984
Age: 29
Hometown: Westfield, MA
Currently Living: Salt Lake City, UT
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Nationality: USA
Instagram: @SleepyStevens
Movie Project: VideoGrass, "The Last Ones"
Link to Movie Project:
Snowboard Achievements: Multiple major video parts including the opening part in "Defenders of Awesome." Honored as #8 in Snowboarder Magazine's 2012 "Rider of the Year" issue.
#tag: #ScottStevens, #Sleepy, #AtchaBoii
Nickname: Sleepy
Stance Width: 23”
Binding Angles: +18, -9
Local Resort: Brighton, UT - Bear Mtn, CA - Park City, UT - Blandford, MA
Board for Pow: Indoor Survival 158
Board for Park: Scott Stevens Pro 155
Board for Rails: Scott Stevens Pro 153
Other Sponsors: 32, Etnies, Union, Smith, Dakine, Theory Skate Shop, Magical Gogo Wax, 7/9/13, Mica Watches, Bear Mtn.
Something Unique: "I love snowboarding. I love skateboarding. I love trampolines. I love hiking. I love dogs. Friends, family, girlfriend, I have a twin sister who's a professional photographer."
School: Love it.
Advice to Other Riders: Love it and live it. Always try to improve and ride what's fun.

ScottSteven's Official Full Part - DEFENDERS of AWESOME - 2011/2012