Tech Features - Base

There are two basic types of base material used in our industry: extruded and sintered. If you don’t like to wax often, but you do repair your base when necessary, extruded is for you. If you are more interested in going faster for longer, sintered is your base.


These bases are created by taking pellets of ultra-high-molecular-weight Polyethylene and compressing them through heat and pressure. The minuscule spaces left behind absorb wax and allow for extended periods of high speed shredding as the wax wicks to the surface while you ride. This prevents your base from drying out and keeps the surface feeling freshly waxed throughout the day. Properly maintained sintered bases are fast, durable, and are consistently the predominant first choice of pro snowboarders worldwide.


Extruded base materials respond differently than sintered due to their lower molecular weight. This type of base is the easiest to maintain and excels in park attacks and urban It repairs easily and when waxed, extruded base material will provide excellent performance.


The XXX[TRUDED] base material takes the characteristics and manufacturing techniques used in creating normal extruded base material but due to higher pressure and temperature, increases the surface hardness to levels near most sintered bases. This increases the durability and surface strength creating a base that will last longer and be more durable when jibbing and bombing around the mountain.

HMC Extruded (High Molecular Composition)

We use a classic, time proven, extruded base material for our mid-priced utility boards. True to all extruded bases, the HMC bases are low maintenance, user-friendly bases that perform well with or without your constant waxing and attention. The HMC Extruded is a special “high molecular composition” base that is denser, more durable, and more abrasion resistant than standard extruded bases. The result is a hard, fast, and reliable base that will get you where you want to go.

HTP Extruded

The High Transparent Extruded base features an altered molecular composition that allows more vibrant graphic options while keeping the low maintenance and technical benefits of extrusion.