new japan video

Posted: Wed, 3/4/09 the second japan video is up in the motion

the last of our japan trip

Posted: Tue, 3/3/09 I was trying to do something everyday while we were in Japan , but then we headed up to the land of much snow and no interweb access . In the middle of our driving tourRead More


Posted: Mon, 3/2/09 Photo: Alex Mertz I was so stoked when Johnson started a meth of the day on uhhson that i decided to do a PLANT of the day over here at Scary Times (only cause we Read More


Posted: Thu, 2/26/09 Check out Italian CAPiTA rider Davide Lantermoz on the cover of On Board in Italy. (lets see if i can google that into some Italian) Check out CAPITE pilota italiano DRead More

Dani Brown is Cute

Posted: Tue, 2/24/09 that's Dani on the left cereal! look at this CAPiTA baby right here.Damn!!!! Dani rides for CAPiTA out in Ontario, up in Canada and i think i have an am crush. CheckRead More