japan day 4

Posted: Thu, 2/19/09 japan day 4 mellow 40 k worth of stuff .. picked up a new friend gary milton scottys transworld filmer gary getting the shot of tenjin ( the resort we rode in ep 21 poRead More

japan day 3

Posted: Wed, 2/18/09 japan day 3 its the first day of sbj for our little crew , we woke up in yokahama in our pitch black room at 6 30 am , when joel opened the binds our eyes melted breakfaRead More

japan day 2

Posted: Tue, 2/17/09 japan day 2 Another mellow day here in japan , we packed the van stopped at 7-11 and drove the 2 hours over to Yokahama and the SBJ trade show . Super stoked to hang outRead More

Eric Fernandez interview on yobeat

Posted: Tue, 2/17/09 photo ryan taylor so here's what i do, i surf the internet till 4am on school nights (suppose to cruise to whis tomorrow to film...at 6:30) why? i don't know, i justRead More

japan day 1

Posted: Mon, 2/16/09 so far its been pretty mellow , long flight , curry sessin and cold weather , looks cold out there. hotel with a view in kashiwa. going for breakfast , i just like the shRead More

its totally cool

Posted: Mon, 2/16/09 i love that when we get to japan we can eat at the curry spot just down the street , and i love that i watch tv now that there are so many sites like youtube and i reallyRead More

Happy V days Patrick

Posted: Sat, 2/14/09 Ok so ronnie just posted this shit on gnarcore but BILLY, this is some major CAPiTA-alumni shouts right here. No doubt a rare flick, the one and only, my homie, a man wRead More