Super Greg Osborne

Posted: Mon, 2/11/08 Shouts to the Team Thunder SLC kids and Greg for riding around town on a CAPiTA. In case you're wondering, the "B" stands for Bawler as homeboy bowled a 270 at the localRead More

tickle my special place

Posted: Sat, 2/9/08 fresh capita breakdown: brisse going mental, logging footage like mad; tj snowboard realms up to episode 18 now, shredding wild (like i mean WILD); jonas the bonus filminRead More

Tino Bruno!

Posted: Mon, 1/21/08 Tino Bruno, new rep rider in colorado, on his time off from Emage Network finding fun in the neighborhood. photo: Zach Burke

gangsta moped dogs

Posted: Wed, 1/16/08 This is Niko. He lives in the CAPiTA warehouse and rides this moped everyday in the backpack of a dude named "livin the dream kyle".

Aussie Ben Willick on CAPiTA

Posted: Sun, 1/13/08 New School (CAPiTA distributor in Australia) just signed a new CAPiTA shred. Ben Willick rides Mt. Buller down south and Mammoth when he's in the states. This pic's fromRead More


Posted: Thu, 12/20/07 home again ! soo awesome to get out n a shred stick finally. i had a ton of fun riding with jonas and dan , be sure to check out the episodes i made from riding with the Read More