Slideshow Instructions

Posted: Mon, 8/20/07 1.) The Dashboard -> Choose your Album 2.) These are the Tabs -> get to know them 3.) Upload Content Tab 4.) Browse for the File and Upload 5.) You just Uploaded a FuRead More

Snowboard Season: 07/08

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 CAPiTA's 'First Kiss' CAMP Trailer. **NEW 8_21 "CAPiTA's First Kiss" Our First Team Movie Ships Sept 1. CAPiTA's 'First Kiss' MONSTER MASH Trailer. **NEW 8_1 Read More

Snowboard Season: 06/07

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 "Scott 06 " Scotty Shaw ripped High Cascade Snowboard Camp all summer. Here's the first flick of 06. " Dustin tatooed..." Dustin tatooed by TJ. "dust_1 " "Little D is Read More

Snowboard Season: 05/06

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 " Eric F " This is Eric Fernandez. Hi Eric - pleased to meet you. " Harry Holmsten Promo " This movie is from Harri... he sent it to me in Prior to me moving in NovemRead More

Snowboard Season: 04/05

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 " pat capita " Patty pat pat pat. Patty mc patterson. Mr pat. Begles. Pat Begley. " TJ 1996 " In 1999 some friends around calgary started to make little movies Read More

Snowboard Season: 03/04

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 "Star Wars Remix." Oddly enough this video is getting posted for the first time the same day as the original 3 Star Wars movies are coming out on DVD for the first timRead More

Dan Brisse slays the mag

Posted: Tue, 7/10/07 I was at the bookstore at the Denver airport and read an article about how Dan and Blue first got to chattin'

Snowboard Season: 02/03

Posted: Wed, 6/27/07 "Your Pal." The lovely Susi Davis. She used to be my neighbor.... "Yeti Attack." Nail bombing... "Thank You." COP session with TJ. Thank you. "Swinger. "Tech9 CoRead More

Snowboard Season: 01/02

Posted: Wed, 6/27/07 "The Lost Art." Love this jacket, and I was fortunate enough to have JB give this jacket to me. "The Beginning." The first in line... "Starting Now." Um yeah, somethRead More