Posted: Mon, 2/26/07 Here's a couple flicks from our SIA Booth in Vegas. The pretty ladies are Chrissy and Taylor... holdin' down appointments and just about everything else during the week!Read More

day 3

Posted: Tue, 1/30/07 wow today what a day .. saw some things i really did not expect to see. One was the sun . it was beautiful up there ... today was tylers day .... that boy drops some crazRead More

day 2

Posted: Mon, 1/29/07 man .... camera is dead ! so no pictures , but it was a day for me . woke up and the clouds were in ! all the way in . but we didnt waste the whole day , got a few shots Read More

day one

Posted: Sat, 1/27/07 hey ive got an idea , lets get everyone together and go shred and film , great plan , we had fun , early morning was beautiful , but you can see the clouds that rolled Read More


Posted: Tue, 1/23/07 Capita welcoms its newest member to the team


Posted: Thu, 1/18/07 wow i just got a tape from dan brisse via the fed ex , and wow ... there is some good shit in there ! just thought id let you all know . tj


Posted: Wed, 1/17/07 first film transfer trip . and still working , i believe this video is going to be so fucking beautiful that you wont know what hit you scott shaw , hard at work makinRead More

holy crapita capita !

Posted: Sun, 1/14/07 the honda session was a blast , the riding level is gettinga little wild , but im happy to say that all of the capita ams kept up with the shit in the slopestyle finals. Read More