tj goes hollywood

Posted: Thu, 1/4/07 to quote our old friend luke M former capita shred turned music kid , " hey ladies ...Check me out !" the other day my friend mike sent me a message teling me im in someRead More


Posted: Thu, 1/4/07 is wild !

scientifically proven.

Posted: Tue, 1/2/07 having a YO at your office will decrease overall productivity by 18%. Upon further study, research shows that the decrease in productivity jumps to 99% when he opens his Read More


Posted: Tue, 1/2/07 days are going better now ! ive been going to places that a while ago woudl have probably killed my heart , but i sat and smiled , drew a picture and wrote . really lookiRead More


Posted: Sat, 12/23/06 sneaky sneak of the new midlife series . i just got home the other day to a box of love . rode the 58 and 55 so far , amazing ! 51 soon so pumped love tj

Posted: Wed, 12/20/06


Posted: Sun, 11/19/06 The East Coast Canadians are at it again! CAPiTA ams Brad Gauley and Natalie Gough won both the Mens and Womens division at the Clock Tower Rail Jam in Ottawa, Ontario. Read More