Posted: Wed, 1/17/07 first film transfer trip . and still working , i believe this video is going to be so fucking beautiful that you wont know what hit you scott shaw , hard at work makinRead More

holy crapita capita !

Posted: Sun, 1/14/07 the honda session was a blast , the riding level is gettinga little wild , but im happy to say that all of the capita ams kept up with the shit in the slopestyle finals. Read More

fun day

Posted: Mon, 1/8/07 dustin made a sad face , scott fell kicking me while i took a pee , and i was inches away from throwing my snowboard on the highway and walking away . awesome day capitRead More

tj goes hollywood

Posted: Thu, 1/4/07 to quote our old friend luke M former capita shred turned music kid , " hey ladies ...Check me out !" the other day my friend mike sent me a message teling me im in someRead More


Posted: Thu, 1/4/07 is wild !

scientifically proven.

Posted: Tue, 1/2/07 having a YO at your office will decrease overall productivity by 18%. Upon further study, research shows that the decrease in productivity jumps to 99% when he opens his Read More


Posted: Tue, 1/2/07 days are going better now ! ive been going to places that a while ago woudl have probably killed my heart , but i sat and smiled , drew a picture and wrote . really lookiRead More


Posted: Sat, 12/23/06 sneaky sneak of the new midlife series . i just got home the other day to a box of love . rode the 58 and 55 so far , amazing ! 51 soon so pumped love tj

Posted: Wed, 12/20/06