Cover time!

Posted: Thu, 10/26/06 Check it out, Diego Koch on the cover of the German magazine "Snowboarder Monster Backside" on a 2006 Outdoor Living.


Posted: Wed, 10/25/06 Evidently we have a partnership with Ikea that we weren't aware of...


Posted: Tue, 10/24/06 October is the worst month that was ever made if you ask me they should take it off the calander cause it sucks

libby awards

Posted: Thu, 10/19/06 hey all peta is having a new contest called the libby awards , it woudl be super sweet if yall would vote , you can vote for me if you want or tyler lepore or whoever ...Read More

CAPiTA Corporate Event!

Posted: Mon, 10/9/06 This Friday!!! SEATTLE! Rally your friends, quit your job, do what it takes to get here, let's party!!! The CAPiTA Team will be here for Autograph Signings, Tj SchneidRead More

Blue Tomato opening in Austria

Posted: Thu, 9/21/06 Blue Tomato is one of the best shops in Europe, and they just opened up a new storefront in Eastern Austria over the weekend. Their new shop is in Graz, and we're stokedRead More


Posted: Wed, 9/20/06 It's in japanese but you don't need to understand what they're saying. Take a look. Maybe C3 can get one to replace Johan. More

Win a brand new CAPiTA!!

Posted: Tue, 9/12/06 Both Tyler and TJ love animals and don't like eating meat. Tj's done promos for peta2 and they've both been nominated for "sexiest vegetarian of the year" in the past. Read More

Holy Crap!

Posted: Fri, 9/8/06 We just had a major scare. 80% of our boards for North America were in one shipment from our factory, and the container got broken into somewhere along the way. Because Read More