Posted: Wed, 9/20/06 It's in japanese but you don't need to understand what they're saying. Take a look. Maybe C3 can get one to replace Johan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nua1iEQfHaA&modRead More

Win a brand new CAPiTA!!

Posted: Tue, 9/12/06 Both Tyler and TJ love animals and don't like eating meat. Tj's done promos for peta2 and they've both been nominated for "sexiest vegetarian of the year" in the past. Read More

Holy Crap!

Posted: Fri, 9/8/06 We just had a major scare. 80% of our boards for North America were in one shipment from our factory, and the container got broken into somewhere along the way. Because Read More

summers almost over

Posted: Thu, 9/7/06 this was the last weekend that people head out to sylvan lake , well usually the last weekend anyway. i rolled up my pants and got my feets wet . heres to you summer , seRead More


Posted: Mon, 9/4/06 how you ask well......... he starts with his gental crust its ohhh so crisp, and so many ladies want to sink they teeth into it. None can however because tj is in love. IRead More

little d is weird

Posted: Sun, 9/3/06 i know this kid and anytime i read anything about him it makes me see him in a new light . hes a weird little man ! check out dustin on twsnow

the kids will play

Posted: Sat, 9/2/06 today was the day that we the kids went to play , i stole dustin and branded him for life , literally ! i tattooed part of his shoulder ( pedal at 12 , i did 2 blue sectiRead More

Check out some new Gallery Photos

Posted: Thu, 8/31/06 Corey Smith recently uploaded some dope new art for his gallery section. You should check out some of his work if you have not seen it already. You can also check out moRead More