back in town

Posted: Mon, 11/5/07


I'm back from an awesome little trip to chicago. Huge thanks to the shred shop for putting on an awesome show and after party ! and super huge thanks to all the kids who came out.

Thank you to everyone that sent me a myspace saying how much they liked the video , i had a really great time singing and drawing posters for you all.

So I'm back home and in my last week of work for the real world . I wish I could do it loger but I have too many projects on the go.

if you guys ever need a cool job , go work at whole foods market , so fun . you'll learn a ton of skills that you can use in real life.

Anyway I have a ton of work to do ,so I'll catch you later , I'll post some photos of chicago when I get em back ,.... actually i dont think i took any pctures in chicago , and i didnt bring my digi cam , so here are some small these are all shots from my little video camera .