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"I get tattoos of things that remind me of who I am. It is important for me to keep things that represent who I am, the things I love and the ones I love in my tattoos, and in my graphics." As one of the most stylish and charasmatic riders in the timeline of snowboarding it's no surprise that the importance of creative expression follows Kazu beyond the mountains. He's once again teamed up with good friend and renowned Japanese tattoo artist Ganji, to produce the art for his pro model that in Ganji's words would "put Kazu's inspiration, wishes, strength and glory into his graphic".

Ganji has been creating art since he was a young and honing his craft as a tattoo artist over the last eleven years at Three Tides Studio. Since he and Kazu have met he has worked on six different tattoos for Kazu and now two pro model snowboards.

This seasons series features a custom stained core ash vaneer topsheet and a base graphic conceptualized by Kazu and created by the hands of Ganji. Travelling the world and being off in the mountains for half of the year means Kazu's time at home in Japan during the offseason is important and precious to him and his family. As a husband, a father of two children and with two dogs at home on his farm, Kazu's new pro model is a representation of the balance of his passion for progression in the mountains and need to provide as a father back home. 

"This graphic represents the value of the ones I love that are waiting for my return. Although I'm riding alone in the mountains, I am doing this not just for myself but also for the ones waiting for my return. The red mountain represents me battling the mountains to push my limit and the crane and the turtle represent my family waiting for my return." - Kazu Kokubo