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Cocard is bored in the garage again. 

It's an offseason escape for him and his guitar, bass, drum kit and computer are all he needs. Recently he's been recovering from an ankle surgery, and with plenty of free time he'll wake up, write, record, write, record, repeat and then export track after track. His latest efforts compiled together are a little summer project called 'Space Racer'. Here's Brandon's approach to writing music, something that started as a hobby when he got his first guitar at age 8 and has turned into a daily practice.

When did you start writing these songs for Space Racer?

BC: Well, most of them came from the past couple of months, but a few I've had for a few years now. Like I wrote "RPS" about 8 years ago.

What's your set up you have for recording?

BC: I just use a really basic interface unit and my mac, all in my garage and a really advanced recording program. You probably haven't heard of, it's called "GarageBand". I have a silvertone 1303 Danelectro and a Gibson Midtown bass. My drum kit is kind of a hodgepodge Frankenkit.

How long does it take you to write, and record all of the instruments for these songs? You're doing guitar, bass, drums, lyrics all by yourself.

BC: Usually like 4 hours? I don't like to overthink things. If I start overthinking lyrics it starts to drive me crazy. I've written about 10 songs so far this summer. But since December I think I've written close to 4 hours of music. 

What's the influence for the songs? What do you like to write about?

BC: Usually the influence comes from other music I obsess over. I like to write songs about really stupid things but try to disguise the lyrics and make it sound meaningful.

What's this song "I'm Not There" about?

BC: (laughing) it's about going through my antisocial phases where people wnat me to go out and I'd rather stat home. It's like even if I was out with you guys, my head would still be home.

What are your plans for writing music the rest of the summer?

BC: I'm working on a few things. I just put out some songs on my SoundCloud that I wanted to get out of my head. I'm working on a "folky" album with my buddy Aaron, and I'm currently trying to finish my rock opera. It's about robots.

Check out Brandon's new song "I'm Not There". Check back next week. Cocard will be dropping new songs, custom songs just for the blog and be re-editing old CAPiTA team movie parts to custom tracks. Lots of good stuff can happen when you're bored in the garage.