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Cocard is 'Bored In The Garage' again. This summer he's working on a new music project, writing and mixing songs in his garage and as part of it is chopping up old CAPiTA footage to sync with the new tracks. Here's Cocard's new track 'Dangerously' with a remix of Rav's footage from DOA 1 and DOA 2.


What's 'Dangerously' about?

Cocard: "It's really dumb but I thought it would be funny to write a song about doing "dangerous" things, but those things can also be considered just plain stupid. Like running naked in a hail storm, going golfing in the lighting, joining a cult and believing everything they say...stuff like that."

What was your influence when writing this one?

Cocard: "My influence for this song came from 'King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard'. They come up with cool riffs and sing the melody in unison with the guitar. So I tried to do that in this song. I love their style."

Why did you think this one would be good for a Rav re-edit?

Cocard: "Aside from the lyrics, I thought this song would be good for Rav becasue it's got high energy and a good groove. Those two things combined make me think of his snowboarding.

Any good memories of being on the road with Rav?

Cocard: "I was on an Airblaster trip one time and we were riding Loon Mtn. I was getting tired of lapping the park so I went to explore the mountain and ended up running into Rav. He showed me all the best sidehits and fun cut outs! We spent the rest of the day bashing trees and flipping and spinning where ever we could.

Check out Rav's remix of DOA 1 and DOA 2 footage to Cocard's new track on Youtube and check out Cocard's Soundcloud page for this song and more from his summer music project, 'Space Racer'.