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Brisse does the dew and takes 4th

Dan Brisse is an animal, no doubt..well technically we're all animals but you know what i'm saying right? this kid is SAVAGE. Stoked to hear Dan took 4th place at the Dew Tour Slopestyle that went down at Northstar this last weekend. It might not be podium but hey we ain't mad at him, i wouldn't touch this contest with a ten foot pole, not cause i think it's gay (wich i do) just cause SHIT have you seen how fast these guys spin? my god its awfully impressive, i would cry, imean Shaun Whites in this shit and he like..famous and shit. Brisse no doubt holding down with respect at that super comp. Good to hear, good to hear. I managed to find a video of the event but it is painfully boring and like really bad (i dunno maybe i'm getting old) sorry a guy can only surf the net so long before their eye's start bleeding and pussing out streams of grey puffy discharge...ya that was gross. I'm out! keep grease'n Dan.

Gap 270 to down photo nic hamilton tws