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CAMPiTA 7: The Ultimate Snowboard Campout & Cookout

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The cookout scene on night one of CAMPiTA 7 P: Sam Weston


Twenty miles deep in the woods of the Mount Hood Wilderness the crew gathered once again to celebrate one of the timeless traditions in snowboarding, camping out and shredding during the summer at Mt. Hood. The pro team, ams, a few reps and regional riders all join as our extended family comes together to share stories of the past winter, look forward to the next one and after a few long sweltering summer months reconnect with the passion we all share, snowboarding.


What would CAMPiTA be without a lofty Crusty Dusty method in the pipe. P: Johan Malkoski


Welcome to Waino's World! P: AG Photographics


There really is no place like Mt. Hood in the summer! The days on-hill were long and hot and there were millions of butterflies all over the top of the Palmer Glacier due to a butterfly migration that happens only once every handful of years. In the High Cascade Park Craven, Chase Josey, Sami Luhtanen and Mike Rav got the half pipe and mini pipe sessions going, Benny Milam, Geremy Guido, Marty Vachon, Brendon Rego and others were lapping the rail lines. Sami Luhtanen showed up, making the trip all the way out from Finland and put his stamp on the HCSC Park. Sami was also a big time contributor at the campsite, putting together a giant CAMPiTA welcome sign as you walk into the campgrounds. Hands down Sami was the official CAMPiTA 7 Rookie of the Year. Matt Wainhouse was on an all around mission at CAMPiTA. Every year Waino brings a great energy to the crew on hill and off. This year it earned him a hand crafted CAMPiTA MVP award by Jess Kimura and a celebratory bottle of Fireball. Congratulations Wainhouse for working your way into the CAMPiTA history books!


Keep your eyes on Benny Milam, the future is bright! P: AG Photographics


"There's no way! Milo, if you can ollie 3 snowboard decks, I'll do 10 pushups!" - Corey Smith P: Sam Weston


CAMPiTA 7 Rookie of the Year, Sami Luthanen! P: Johan Malkoski


The formula is simple we shred together, camp together, cool off in the lake together and oh yes we do some fine dining deep in the woods as well thanks to Mid West Rep Emmet Klocker and his good friend, Minneapolis based award winning chef Erik Anderson. These two are a powerful duo when it comes to culinary perfection!


Winner winner rib eye dinner! P: Drew Finnie


A pig roast feast for the whole crew!


Until next year CAMPiTA! Thanks to all the crew for making their way out to Mt. Hood. Thank you High Cascade Diggers and staff for welcoming us, thanks to ice cold PBRs, Riley Goodwin, Blue Montgomery, Joel Fraser, Jess Kimura for the awards, Brandon Cocard for entertaining the campfire with an endless catalog of songs, and a huge thanks to Emmet Klocker and Erik Anderson.


Naptime Kaede kicks one out to end CAMPiTA 7. P: AG Photographics


That's a wrap! It's a victory lap and slash for the MVP Matt Wainhouse! P: Johan Malkoski