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CAPiTA Collection: Billy Buehling

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CAPiTA Collection highlights Craigslist and Ebay warriors; friends of the brand who relentlessly scour facebook groups and online listings for the boards that they've connected with throughout their days and years on-hill. To all of you collectors out there, thank you for welcoming CAPiTA into your living room, for holidng our history safe in your apartment and garages. This week we checked in with Billy Buehling to get the scoop on his CAPiTA collection. Thank you Billy for all of your support throughout the years!



How many boards are in your collection?

Currently, there are 45 boards in the collection.


When did you pick up your first CAPiTA deck in your collection?

My brother got me my first CAPiTA back in 2008 (the original limited edition late release model). It was a 148 Horrorscope. Its been all CAPiTA ever since.


Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?

Its hard to pick a favorite in the collection. A lot of them are attached to memories or one epic time on the mountain. But I think my favorite would be the original Horrorscope. Its what started the whole collection for me and Its the most fun to ride. An honorable mention would probably go to the Party Sharks and Unorthodox.


Do you have one that was the most difficult to get a hold of?

I've been really lucky with the people I've met through collecting snowboards.  Ben Spencer managed to find a couple unicorns for me and he also sold me a good amount of his collection. Jav Mill also sold a couple of his boards to me all the way from Bulgaria. That was a little difficult convincing my girlfriend it was ok to transfer money to someone in another country that I'd never met. My collection definitely wouldn't be where it is today without these two. Also a huge thank you to all my friends that have picked up and shipped boards for me.


Is there one board that you don’t have in your collection that you are still seeking out?

The biggest ones that I'm searching for would be the original Totally Awesome (2004) snowboards, An Independent Variable, and the remaining Star Wars Jason Brown Diorama's.


You get to take over Blue's office for a day and we’ve got the crew at The Mothership on the phone. Which CAPiTA board do you have them re-issue or make as a dream board?

I like the idea of doing reissues but I think searching for that old/rare board is part of the fun. So if I took over Blue's office for a day I would have The Mothership do a guest pro model Kevin Jones Black Snowboard of Death; with his permission of course.  I would also have them do a pro model collaboration with Scott Stevens and Travis Parker. Then you could do a little edit of the two of them riding the boards in a Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song sort of way.