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CAPiTA Collection: Jav Mill

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CAPiTA Collection highlights Craigslist and Ebay warriors; friends of the brand who relentlessly scour facebook groups and online listings for the boards that they've connected with throughout their days and years on-hill. To all of you collectors out there, thank you for welcoming CAPiTA into your living room, for holidng our history safe in your apartment and garages.

This week we checked in with Jav Mill, a collector from Bulgaria who focuses mainly on the Black Snowboard of Death series. Thank you Jav for all of your support throughout the years!


Jav Mill and his BSODs.


How many boards are in your collection?

Jav: At this time, I have twenty-three; fifteen Black Snowboards of Death and eight others.

When did you pick up your first CAPiTA deck in your collection?

Jav: In 2012 I was searching for a board to ride in the early and late season, that could handle rocks and thin cover at the resort. I found my first Black Snowboard of Death, the 2003 version for cheap and this board was love at first ride for me. I was feeling so good on the board and I started to search for more info on that board and the brand. Blue was so kind to answer all of my stupid questions about CAPiTA boards, I'm grateful for that.


Jav's collection started in 2012 and since then he's picked up 15 BSODs.


What brought you to the Black Snowboard of Death series specifically?

Jav: I'm not a core rider, I started snowboarding at 38 years old but have become completely addicted. I've had boards from other brands but after the first ride with the Black Snowboard of Death, everything changed for me. The BSOD is the most advanced series from the beginning, and I want to try every design from every year.

Do you have a favorite piece in your collection?

Jav: Of course, and again it's my first BSOD. From that moment when I got it - it's been like a roller coaster for me. Through collecting these boards, I've met so many great people from all over the world. I want to thank every one of you guys. Thanks so much!


Jav's BSOD collection bases up.


Is there one board in your collection that was most difficult to get a hold of? 

Jav: Every one I have has been difficult to some point. The Unorthodox of course was very hard to get - more than seven months of messages back and forth. But I was most satisfied when i got my second 2003 Black Snowboard of Death from Ukraine - from that moment I believed Everything Is Possible.

You've shipped and collected boards from all over the world. Do you have any good stories of dealing with other collectors?

Jav: I became friends with a French guy who sells boards and lives in Romania. He wanted to try to find some Rossignol or Salomon boards but we started messaging to talk about different boards and in the end he stayed with CAPiTA and he has a French revolution BSOD now. Thanks for that Jules Mendjeli.


Jav's collection features mostly BSOD's, he even has the 2003 Black Binding of Death, as well as the Union + CAPiTA DOA movie bindings.


Is there one board that you don't have in your collection that you are still seeking out?

Jav: The Kevin Jones Black Snowboard of Death (from 2000)! But I am missing four BSOD designs at the moment and I am still searching for them.

You get to take over Blue's office for a day and we've got the crew at The Mothership on the phone. Which CAPiTA board do you have them re-issue or make as a dream board?

Jav: I collect BSOD boards and of course for me the reiusse would have to be the Kevin Jones Black Snowboard of Death.