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CAPiTA Collection: Mike Pihowich

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CAPiTA Collection highlights Craigslist and Ebay warriors; friends of the brand who relentlessly scour Facebook groups and online listings for the boards that they've connected with throughout their days and years on-hill. To all of you collectors out there, thank you for welcoming CAPiTA into your living room, for holding our history safe in your apartment and garages.

This week we checked in with Mike Pihowich, a collector from Saskatchewan, Canada. Thank you Mike for all of your support throughout the years!


Mike and his CAPiTA Collection.


How many boards are in your collection?

Mike: I currently have 14 boards in my collection.

When did you pick up your first CAPiTA deck in your collection?

Mike: It was October 2005 when first walked into PROPAGANDA Shop and met my friend Adam. I came in looking for a new snowboard and he pointed me in the direction of a 155 Midlife Crisis. I had seen a few CAPiTAs around at that time, and well, after riding it I never looked back.

The bases of Mike's CAPiTA Collection.


Do you have a favorite piece in the collection?

Mike: Absolutely, my favourite has to be the 2013/14 ’59 Black Snowboard of Death. I still remember the day I picked it up. Seeing that tip and tail profile with the new hybrid camber was something that I had never seen before on a snowboard, and now having a few other Black Deaths in my collection makes me realize that it’s my favourite camber in that line. I love that steep rocker off the front binding and the big nose (if you lined it up side by side with its successors you’d see what I mean) it’s responsive and it floats, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad time on it.

Do you have one that was the most difficult to get a hold of?

Mike: So six or seven years ago I had a ’59 10th Anniversary Black Death, and even though I was specifically told to hold onto that one, I didn’t... a friend of mine convinced me to sell it to him. As my collection grew I realized that I should have kept it. For the next 5 years, I kept my eyes peeled for another one to replace the one that I had sold. In 2017 a gorgeous 162 came up for grabs, so a couple hour car ride and a few hundred dollars later it was mine. Now once a year before the mountains shut down for the season, I pull it off the wall, wax it up and take a solo trip to Banff and enjoy some sunny turns in the slush.

The 10 year Anniversary BSOD is a favorite amongst BSOD collectors.


Is there one board that you don’t have in your collection that you are still seeking out?

Mike: Hind sight is always 20/20, one board that I should have bought when it was on the retail floors was the 14/15 Black Death, that year I had opted for an Indoor Survival. But I’m really wishing I had one now. Same goes for the 16/17 Spring Break Diamond Tail, maybe one day.

Which board have you put the most days on?

Mike: That’s a tough one! I kind of treat my decks like a classic car collection. Classic cars should be driven, and I feel the same way about snowboards, so I alternate them every time I go out. Generally, I’ll pick one out the night before, maintenance the base and put some bindings on. I like to keep them all in rotation, but if I had to say most days collectively, it’d have to be the 2013 BSOD or my DOA.

You get to take over Blue’s office for a day, we’ve got the crew at The Mothership on the phone, which CAPiTA board do you have them re-issue?

Mike: I’ve never been much for re-issues, as time progresses with originals they become rarer and have the potential to become classics. Then when the opportunity comes around to buy one the transaction becomes so much sweeter. If I had the chance to share my ideas with CAPiTA, it might look something like this.. (Black Death Concept)


Mike's BSOD concept graphic.