Vagabond Tales

Grenade Games

Posted: Mon, 3/28/11 Craven devours Grenade Games! Among others, of course. Looks like a good time. Click the link for the recap from Snowboarder Mag: More


Posted: Tue, 3/22/11 Mr. Stevens had a chance to get clacky with his signature feature up at Snoqualmie the other day. WTF is going on here, you may ask? Sorry, no full leaky leaks 'til the CRead More

Watch the Realms, Then Help Japan

Posted: Mon, 3/21/11 Here at CAPiTA Super Corp, we love Japan. You should too! It's a magical place full of wonder, inhabited by the kindest humans you will ever meet. (The above snow monkeysRead More

Japan Blast 2011

Posted: Tue, 3/8/11 Small crew headed to Japan for a quick Slope contest tickle, then a handful of days in Nozawa & Hakuba. Full weather range experienced, from springlike to pow and back agRead More


Posted: Tue, 2/22/11 Movie making is cooking along all over the dang place. Including heli's. Yep,our boys Dustin and Brandon got themselves into some heli time...! Footage to follow in the uRead More


Posted: Tue, 2/1/11 In case you haven't heard, or you've been on an internet ban, Mr. Daniel J Brisse won an X Games gold medal! Not to mention $50K, as top pick in the inaugural Real Snow VRead More


Posted: Sun, 1/30/11 First, it's SIA week and we are seeing friends new and old, showing the 11/12 line and generally giving people the Personal Awesomeness Coaching that they both need and dRead More