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Corey Smith and Friends Reach The Fountain of Youth

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Photos: Robbie Sell, Chris Gallardo, Corey Smith

Rumors of the Fountain of Youth have been circulating for years around the Tahoe area. I’ve seen photos and video here and there and I’ve been frothing to finally have my chance to ride it. The well kept secrecy behind the remote location is somewhat guarded by the man who discovered it almost a decade ago. The lucky few that he’s taken to this snowboarding oasis also continue to covet the location so it doesn’t get completely blown out like so many popular places in Tahoe.

In order to get the proper location and tour to the Fountain of Youth I had to track down the man, the myth, the legend, the Guru of the Fountain of Youth, Chris Gallardo. Chris is the founder of and has explored and ridden the mountains around Tahoe extensively. He discovered the the Fountain over nine years ago and has been taking a pilgrimage (with a select few lucky enough to be invited along) every summer since then.

Robbie Sell ready to start the journey.


I linked up with my good pals Robbie Sell and Joel Cline to join me on my adventure. The trip out to the Fountain is not for the faint of heart. It's a brutal hike compounded with rocky terrain, heat, and a pack weighted down with snowboard gear. As Chris explains it, if you can make it out to this spot year after year it will keep you eternally youthful. It’s definitely one of the most magical places I’ve ever snowboarded at. While the exact location will remain a secret as Chris says, if you can find it and make it out there you’re more than welcome to bask in the icey waters of the Fountain of Youth.   - C. Smith


If the Fountain of Youth was easy to reach, we'd all live forever! Corey and crew crossing treacherous terrain. Photo: Robbie Sell

Live long and Spring Break forever.

The Fountain of Youth! Photo: Robbie Sell

Corey conveniently named this Spring Break model The Catamaran and it proved to be a worthy vessel for the blue waters. Photo: Robbie Sell

Fountain of Youth founder Chris Gallardo completes another successful annual pilgramage. Photo: Robbie Sell

Uncle Joel went for a swim Photo: Robbie Sell

This is how you campout at The Foutain of Youth