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Courage & Carnage- CAPiTA at SUPERPARK 13

You might not be able to tell from this photo but this could very well be the bigest fs3 of his life. Dustin on the 100fter

Super Park 13 is well under way at Mammoth and we got a posse of CAPITA heads out there gripping and ripping in the California wind and sun. Craven, Brisse, Scotty Stevens, TJ, Cale Zima, Scott Blum, Brandon Cocard,Paal Sorenson, Joachim Krogstie, 15yr old Sage Kotsenberg and brother Blaze are all out here shredding and making their presence known in one way or another. Today was the 3rd day on snow and shit already sounds pretty damn super let me tell you. Talk of the event is definitely the massive 100ft jump built by Loon Mt. 100ft!?! Think about it. Now no matter what discipline of snowboarding you follow or like or think is cool or whatever NOTHING gains the respect of industry heads and world class shreds like sheer, unbridled ball sack. I'm talking about sending your life here folks –that’s what super park is all about, big, big man shit. Non of this "just for fun" business. So that being said looks like CAPiTA is stocked full of manly men. According to the boss man Blue, Craven and Brisse handled the giant, Dustin getting a fs3 and Dan putting down a couple 7's and a 9. But the talk of the day was regional Am Brandon Cocard who snaked his way in there and sent a massive fs5 over the beast and then followed it up with a 1080. THAT”S WHAT I LOVE TO HEAR! Damn. Look out for Brandon, word is he's on the charge. Ride fast, live dangerously and grind the shit out of life my friends.

Paal Sorenson from (Norway) was going higher then anyone on the hip.

Scott Blum...killing it.

Brandon Cocard, fast planting what looks to be a cut out of the State of New Hampshire, just guessing on that one.

Brandon and his custom outerwear.

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