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Dan Brisse filming for new Absinthe flick NEVERLAND

So maybe it's not news to you, you sceney insider BUT if it is, then here you go. Yes it's true our boy Dan is indeed signed on and filming of Absinthe Films new feature called Neverland. This is huge and good, can't recall ever seeing a CAPiTA gracing the frames of an Absinthe flick and JUSTIN HOSTYNEK IS MY HERO. serious i''m fanning out over here. So stay tuned cause this is exciting, rumors are already circulating about the Dan and the radness he is getting into this year, as you can imagine. So move back from the edge of your seat and relax a bit cause we still got like 8 months til this shit drops. Visit the Absinthe site and log on so you can recive their monthly newsletter, definitely worth it.