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EP by Brandon Cocard and Mike Rav

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In the garage photo: Skylar Brent


When two of the most creative minds in snowboarding place themselves in a box, with limited time and resources and rely on a creative experiment to break the walls, with hopes of emerging with a new project to share with others, the result is this; our first EP.

We arrived in Truckee, CA and crashed at Brandon’s house. Literally, the 12 x 15 garage at Brandon Cocard’s house in Truckee, CA was box for us to work in. It doubled as our home and the ‘recording studio’ for the entire EP project. Mike Rav was on the bass and snowboard. Brandon Cocard playing the guitar, drums and snowboard and Skylar Brent on the cameras.


Cocard bs 180 off a Truckee roof photo: Danny Kern


The concept came about after Rav had finished two years of filming for ‘Landline’ and Cocard had been coming off of multiple years filming for Absinthe Films. After late nights of acoustic jams around the fire at CAMPiTA they began talking about a new project they could create from the ground up. The idea was to develop a project that would blend the feeling of a snowboard session and a garage jam session. The goal was to show the audience the jam and recording process while pairing it to the snowboard footage captured.


Jack of all trades, Cocard on the guitar, drums snowbard and macbook as our sound engineer. Photo: Danny Kern


Our plan was to create from sun up to sun down. The daily agenda was simple but kept us busy; wake up, write music, snowboard, come home, record that music, eat dinner, talk about music, edit footage, sleep and of course repeat.


Rav on a deep day at Homewood Resort photo: Danny Kern


Thank you to our friend Keenan Falkner Cawley a coffee loving poet living in Tahoe for the creative inspiration and lending his talent with words to ‘Chaos’ and his talent on snow to the video and Tim Eddy for coming in to lay down the drums while we filmed the tracks and Danny Kern for helping to capture the project.


Rav slashin' in the spray. Photo: Danny Kern


EP was written, recorded and filmed over two weeks in Truckee, CA during March 2018.

You can now download all of the songs from the EP recording session here.

Thank you for watching and listening to EP.