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evoTrip Austria: Connect With The Mothership

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Now is your chance to connect with The Mothership for a personalized tour behind the scenes of CAPiTA and, oh yeah, shred your face off in the nearby peaks of Krippenstein. With evo and CAPiTA joining forces, you can be part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience to ride the alps, visit The Mothership and even bring home a brand new custom edition snowboard from evoTrip Austria.



What is evoTrip? Well, over the years the evo crew has had the opportunity to travel the world snowboarding, and wanted a way to share the amazing experiences they've had with their customers and community. Enter evoTrip. From Japan ski and snowboard packages to this trip in the heart of the Austrian Alps, we take care of the logistics, letting you and a group of likeminded shredders focus on one thing, taking it all in.

Where is Krippenstein, and why would you want to ride there? Take a look at some photos and this will make itself pretty evident, but we'll give you some reasons anyways. This epic ski and snowboard resort sits high above the historic mountain town of Halstatt. The cable car is the center of the resort, delivering you to a huge expanse of some of the best freeriding in the Alps. From the summit options are nearly endless with great terrain in every direction. No worries about getting lost in it all, as we partner with a local guiding operation - they'll be your ticket to the goods.



This is a great snow destination that is a bit more off-the-beaten-path than other European resorts. So, you'll have all of the great riding, minus the big crowds. On-piste, there are some of the longest runs in Europe, and off-piste, the terrain is epic. The access to huge peaks and all-time lines has made Krippenstein a freeride paradise. Most of this terrain is accessible via short hikes, meaning you don't even need a splitboard if you don't have one.



Riding in the Alps is cool, no doubt, but what makes this trip special? It's our partnership with CAPiTA. The Mothership factory is not just any snowboard factory, it's a state of the art facility that builds some of the best snowboards in the world. Located a quick drive from Halstatt, evoTrip participants will get the unique opportunity to see how CAPiTA boards are made in the world's only 100% hydropowered, clean energy, snowboard production facility. Making things even cooler, they have the ability to test prototypes on-site. We'll have the option to ride at their on site slope and terrain park known as Station 2: The Moonshot Facility and test the boards in their natural habitat.



Seeing the passion and craftsmanship that go into these boards is cool, but what's even cooler is taking one home with you. That's right, evoTrip Austria comes with a board, fresh out of the presses, that you get for keeps - complete with a custom graphic. So not only will you leave this trip with an inside look at the CAPiTA Mothership, but also a totally unique board.

So, for the rider looking to take their bucket list Alps snowboard vacation, look no further than evoTrip Austria for a unique peek into the inner workings of CAPiTA Snowboards in addition to nearly a week of shredding some epic terrain. Head over to evo to book your Austria snowboard trip today.