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Happy V days Patrick

Ok so ronnie just posted this shit on gnarcore but BILLY, this is some major CAPiTA-alumni shouts right here. No doubt a rare flick, the one and only, my homie, a man who's been bitten by the PartySnake before, Patrick-Rochon Begely. Pat rode CAPiTA, i think before i even knew what a CAPiTA was I remember he had this two page trick tip in TWS- TWO PAGES!! and it was a Serfas photo, i think it was like 00 or '02, He would sit at their house in Whisler called the "trail of puke" and surf with his hand down his pants listening to techno. Pats' so hood, look'em make'n-out up at the Grouse 48hour session.

Check am Colton Showers (ya thats his name) (who rides for CAPiTA up in B.C. through No Limits) straight killing, it in our homies all night log blog. Coltan use to do some male modeling... serious, look at him, he's georgeous, ya know i think the team is looking pretty fucking sexy.- it's blog madness i tell you, Happy Valentine's Day, now go hug and kiss alot....naked