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It's 35 ºC outside. That's 95 ºF for the Americans. My laptop thermometer says the cpu is 147 ºF. I can probably fry an egg on it. This is CAPiTA's new site. You will like it. It's one of the reasons I'm not at the beach. We're also hammering out the graphics for 2008. That's right, at CAPiTA we do some serious time traveling. But it's also another reason why I'm not at the beach. So grab yourself a glass of cold lemonade, lean back, and electronically saunter your way thru the 39 reasons I wasn't at the beach last year. Afterwards hop on your bike and ride down to the ocean. Get a little sun time on my behalf. While there you can think of all the ways you will scrounge and swindle in the coming months for some scrill to get three or four of these decks. First person to email me back with the number of times I mentioned BEACH gets a barely used bottle of sunscreen. Ephka. Where it all comes apart... then comes back together... then little bits fall off... and are superglued back into place... until we have the monster known affectionately as CAPiTA.