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Holy Crap!

We just had a major scare. 80% of our boards for North America were in one shipment from our factory, and the container got broken into somewhere along the way. Because of Homeland Security, anything that happens like that inside the Port Authority is considered a breach, and Customs siezed our shipment for the last 2 weeks. We've been stressing, but it's all over now. Today it was cleared and Booyah! boards are in the warehouse. We'll be working our asses off for the whole next month shipping. Look out suckas.... CAPiTA in shops soon!! P1010546.JPGP1010550.JPGP1010552.JPG
Warehouse mad dogs Joel Fraser and 'livin the dream' kyle. boards.jpg
Giant stack of Tyler Lepore love right there. The 2006 / 2007 Outdoor livings are sooooo sick!!!