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holy CraPiTA!

thank you capita kids for stepping it up. the day didn't go perfect, we had a few falls. scott blum went HUGE!! and landed on his feet so hard that when he compressed he broke 4 ribs, briused his liver, and his kidney was bleeding .. we all wish him a fast recovery. everything else i'm sure you will read about in snowboarder's superpark issue, and see in capitas new flick "first kiss " coming in september. in the meantime, here are a few snappers from today: Picture 25.png dustin craven and scott shaw started the show today. dustin was the first to hit the gnarly jump, scott was the first to spin it. they were also the ones to shut down the session today on this crazy wild qpipe. Picture 34.png here is a shot of scott's first back 3 off the super kicker that i think only 2 non capita riders have hit so far. Picture 42.png oh ....and lets not forget dan brisse! holy crapita dan! ...... i'm not going to say anything else just because i just know that everyone will be blown away when they see the shit he has put down in the last 12 hours .. great job mang! Picture 64.png also to all the rest of the kids, eric, brock, kinder, murray (banff local shred that we just gave a board to who is killing it harder than most of the pros here) and blum .... i'm so stoked on watching you kids, so happy about the future of capita... i mean just look at how proud (and sexy) blue and i are. Picture 54.png 1 day left ... fun love ............ oh yeah i forgot something .... josh !!!! the man behind the 16 mm . great job josh .... also great burn. we love you! Picture 13.png