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It's hot in Europe!

Man, it's hot over here. Sweating as i'm typing. Fading in and out of focus. The bottles of water they feed me are not so cold and have bubbles in them. I wonder if it helps. I'm in Austria working on new ideas for the 2007 / 2008 board line. Things are coming together despite the heat. Jonas Carlson came to visit last week and we went snowboarding in Italy. It was awesome. Italy is awesome. JC is super good at snowboarding. We rode new stairmaster construction make ups. 4 versions, and we just kept rotating boards. It was sweet. I'm going back to Italy for the weekend. I like it there. I'm going to Lake Como. Brad Pitt and George Clooney live there. Maybe i'll see them, and we can mix cocktails and say witty things and laugh about the times we had filming Ocean's Twelve. I can see it now. I'll be chill, and wait for the perfect moment to slip in some social commentary. Brad will wink, and George will chuckle, and we will all clink glasses and walk down to the yacht. Until that happens, I'm going to visit one of our friends and partners who claims to be the "terje haakonsen" of the lake. It's a bold claim, but he's sweet. I can't wait. Jonas in Val Senales Jonas Carlson gettin' wild style.