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Kult of Positive Force: Behind The Scenes of The DOA Graphic

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The Church of Quantum Interconnectedness, was founded in 1977. As more and more have come to discover and embrace the healing powers of the Church and its Mind Development Chambers known as Personal Pyramids, it has become a true inspiration to many, a Kult of Positive Force. The Church was founded by artist and visionary Corey Smith, the creator of the powerful Personal Pyramids. All followers are encouraged to interact with their Personal Pyramids. They are given only one instruction; the Personal Pyramid slogan. "Let The Healing Begin".

For the sixth installment of the CAPiTA DOA series, Corey expanded upon his ongoing and evloving performance art piece. During the spring of 2016, Corey documented several of his church followers while connecting with their Personal Pyramids (Mind Development Chambers) amongst the tranquil landscapes of Vasquez Rocks, California and the sand dunes along the Oregon Coast. These photos not only speak to the true healing powers of the Personal Pyramids but have also made their way onto the topsheet art of the newest Defenders of Awesome series.



The healing attributes of the Personal Pyramids and the Church doctrine have been further explained in the pages of the latest CAPiTA catalog.

According to theosophical doctrine, spirit guides are humans who have lived many former lifetimes, paid their karmic debts, and advanced beyond a need to reincarnate. Although, not all spirit guides are human descent. Some live as energy in the cosmic realm. Some live as light beings, which are the highest level of guides. The Defenders of Awesome are the latter. They have traveled through time and space to assist in your journey on Earth. They are the most radiant of light beings, known by cosmic theorists as The Kult of Positive Force.



They are the incorporeal beings assigned to you at the emergence of life to help you fulfill your spiritual contract with the maker. The Kult of Positive Force wants you to find truth and happiness. They want you to live your life to the fullest. Don't doubt or delay; by embracing them, you can find your path to enlightenment today. Simply place their Mind Development Chamber over your head and allow the positivity to radiate through your being. They will reveal themselves in physical form, and instruct you on your life ahead.



Surrender yourself and let the healing begin.




Founder Corey Smith with one of his followers and their Personal Pyramids.


To learn more about the Church and join The Kult of Positive Force known as the CQI visit: