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Lorenzo's Oil (gets greasy in Bardonecchia)

CAPiTA/UNION Italian kid Lorenzo Buzzoni.

Welcome to Bardonecchia Italy. Barda-who-what? i know right. It's a toughy, yup Italian it's like a totally different language folks. Ok, but staying on track, Bardonecchia, for real. But why David ? you ask, why are you wasting my god damn time with this?. Well perhaps i care about your worldly and cultural well-being and perhaps i want you to know a little bit about my new favorite shred destination, Bardonecchia!

look there it is!

If your a sporting fan you might remember Bardonecchia as the the site of the SNOWBOARDING events for the 2006 winter Olympics. Oh the Olympics, right! Well while we are the topic of Bardonecchia and i do like saying that word, Bardonecchia! we have to bring up our home boy Lorenzo Buzzoni. Lorenzo rides for CAPiTA/UNION in Italy and believe me when i tell you hombeboy is KILL-ING-IT over there. He recently won the iuter Games wich went down guessed it Bardonecchia!.

Holy CAPiTA there's our boy, Looooooooooreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenzo!!!

Learn Italian and visit this link for more info.

i'll leave with you with this little Gem the municiple coat of arms from Bardonecchia, pretty sweet hunh? I love Coats of arms.