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Here's the ISPO European Trade show Booth. We had a communal booth with our homies at Defcon, Coal, Union, IS Design, Kicker Fucker Chicken, and Deeluxe. Devun and JF were lurking around showing some new Wildcats stuff, Jonas Carlson had a 15 foot picture of himself on the DC booth, and Dan Brisse made his very first trip to Europe. P1020149.JPGP1020153.JPGP1020197.JPG Mid way through the week there was a street rail contest downtown Munich on the steps of an old building. A couple thousand spectators were there and some heavy competition, but our boy Brisse laid down some major league hammers and came out with a first place check for 7,000 euros. (around 10,000 bucks) It was an awesome night for him and everyone. Super fun, and we celebrated it the same way we celebrate anytime Brisse wins shit loads of money at a big contest - we keep it real mellow and go get a hamburger. This time it was 1am at Burger King in Marienplatz. flier.jpg1.jpgP1020187.JPG