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Photo: Alex Mertz

I was so stoked when Johnson started a meth of the day on uhhson that i decided to do a PLANT of the day over here at Scary Times (only cause we just happened to find this photo of am Scott Blum on yobeat ) Yup, totally. This planter is worthy of such a high accolade though, i mean look at this bad boy,tweaked, right? and at snoqualmie for the Holy Oly to boot,...that's some classic CAPiTA shit right there. ya bro

*If ANYONE sends me in a photo of themselves doing a decent handplant on a CAPiTA board(old or new doesn't matter) i will grease it up on here... so send 'em: [email protected] mark the subject "handplant of the day" and make sure to leave your name, age, and home resort or city. if i get two in one day i'll be forced to choose the best one for that day so you better send in the keepers.