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by - Chirs Wilmoth


A huge thanks to Steve, Michael, Hank, Brady, Sara and the rest of the ETERNAL crew for having us and thanks to Sean Hills for babysitting. Approx 700 people attended the Reno Premiere for CAPiTA's FIRST KISS. The line out front didn't seem to let up and as soon as ETERNAL was done showing their new skate team vid, Blue Montgomery took the stage and warmed up the crowd. I can't remember every word of Blue's intro, but I did catch what the inspiration for First Kiss was, it was them, the audience. Not knowing what they were in for, I could tell that they were all very eager to see what was ahead. Big applauses during Craven, Jonas, and Brisse's parts and they also seemed to love the rep and factory tuned rider montage. Brandon Cocard was even there to his his shots. The natives got a little restless right after Lepore's part, but a kid yelled out, "SHUT UP AND WATCH THE MOVIE!" Exactly, shut up and watch the movie ! As soon as the film was over, kids were cheering and screaming, they rushed the stage and were showered with COAL beanies, DEFCON gloves, DEELUXE, UNION, and CAPiTA goodies. Products were also tossed from just about every other snowboard company in the biz too like Vans, Academy, Skullcandy, 32, airBLASTER, Mervin, Forum, Ride, Holden, Burton, etc etc... Jonas signed some autographs and then it was time to watch Autumn Lines new flick, This is For Everyone. Tim Eddy, Curtis Woodman, and Robbie Sell's parts took me back to the days of NEOproto. God Damn, I can't wait for winter....Please enjoy the photos of this historical event !