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Rock The Spot

We just spent the last week in Bardonecchia, Italy for the 1 year anniversary event of the Torino Olympic Half Pipe. Fiat kicked down huge with MTV Europe and Rolling Stone to have a Battle of the Bands simultaneously jamming with the night Pipe contest. Dustin Craven was the only rider from North America invited by the Italian Stallion Giacomo Kratter, and it was also his very first trip to Europe. (suprisingly) We rode pow every day, had a European Capita photo shoot during the week, and Dustin rode fast and big in the contest. Actually he dropped a 30 foot cliff into pow and did a front 9 tail about 13 feet out (the biggest air of the competition) in the same 24 hours. Slippery little hot dog, that Dustin Craven. Here's some flicks: P1020222.JPG Pipe was huge! P1020304.JPG Everyone knows this mountain for the best pipe in Europe, but the mountains around and freeriding are really really rad as well. P1020237.JPG Party was fun. (It's Italy... duh.) rts.jpg Dustin was recognized at the awards ceremony with Markku Koski for "crazy rider" which basically just means they were both riding fast and killin' it. P1020308.JPG Bardonecchia is a full time CAPiTA / Union / DC demo center. Facciosnao Camp is an amazing camp with super cool people that do camps here in Italy and also summer camps at Les Deux Alps France. Check them out at