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today was a very special day for me .
its been almost 13 years since i first head of Egon Schiele .
Today was the first time I was able to see some of his work in real life .
Better yet this is how my day went today .

We packed up the car and headed to Neulengbach .
The town Egon Schiele live in for a few years back around 1915.

Church in Neulengbach

We headed over to the Egon Schiele Museum only to find that where the paintings area closed
Better yet though , This museum is actually the old jail which housed Egon for crimes of immorality and pornographic material

egon schiele
sign for Egon Schiele museum

schiele court yard
Court yard to Egon Schiele museum / Neulengbach Jail

Rolling into the building we found NO ONE THERE .
literally we were the only people in the whole place
We walked down a few steps and I walked into Egon Schiele paintings .

I stood locked in Egon Schieles jail cell

schiele cell corner
In this Corner Egon sat looking at this door ( below )
schiele cell photo

schiele cell
where he painted this picture

in this spot he stood and looked at this hallway
schiele jail hall photo

and painted this image .
schiele jail hall

after the jail cell we headed to Tulln , Egon Schieles Birth town
were we saw tons of his original early works ,

and even his death mask .....
schiele death mask

today was crazy ...
and tomorrow is going to be even crazier , I'm in Wein ( VIenna )
and tomorrow is museum day for me .. Schiele / Klimt / Picasso masterpiece day