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Snowboard Season: 02/03

"Your Pal." The lovely Susi Davis. She used to be my neighbor....
"Yeti Attack." Nail bombing...
"Thank You." COP session with TJ. Thank you.
"Swinger. "Tech9 Commercial." A commercial we had in the 2003 T9 video.
"Swinger." Rob Bak, missed the swing-sets from kindergarten. We never had those kind of swing-sets.
"Seshwan." A remix of an earlier video.....
"Ride It like a Bike." Hi, Hello, Good day, Fine day. This is Tyler Morten. Bye, Good bye, Good day, Fine day.
"Redbull 2003." TJ, Redbull 2003. Bjorne thought he deserved a better placing than he got. So much so, he gave TJ half the prize money.
"Love Me." Luke, JB and others back in the day. Luke plays a lot of music now.
"Hotbaby." I think you know his name from this year... MR. HK. Yup, uh-huh.
"Corey Smith." The original video posting had some comparison to various "Coreys" from the 80's... IE Corey Haim, etc. We here at CAPiTA like Corey Smith. He's a dream boat.
"Complete Commander." Mortimer (Tyler Morten) at it again.
"Coffee." Another early HK video. Hi Mikee
"Burns." Ontario transplant, now Whistlerite Andrew Burns - AKA BURNShimself.
"Bromotion." Sent in by Tyler Morten - sweet.
"A Picture Postcard." One of our old riders, Mikee HK. One of the biggest video contributors at the time.