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Snowboard Season: 03/04

"Star Wars Remix." Oddly enough this video is getting posted for the first time the same day as the original 3 Star Wars movies are coming out on DVD for the first time ever.
"Hardwire." Sent to us by Matt Porter over at Hardwire. Ohio snowboarding.
"RT Hood." RT rocking it @ Mt. hood. More summer time fun.
"Camp of Champions." Summer shred super fun times with Tj and Susi. wee.
"Holland." Mini shred Dustin Craven. He lives in Cowtown (Calgary). I guess there are lots of cows there.
"Seattle Day 4." The last of 4 days (And three videos) in the series...
"Seattle Day 2 & 3." Yup video two out of the three videos.
"Bend Locals." ummm, ahhhh, hmmmm, errrr, yeah.
"Penguins." Hi Burnsy. Hi Dave. Hi Mr. Penguin.
"Sabadisabadu." TJ and Tyler (M) play at COP.
"hiBURNS." Burnsy be back. Some early season jibs.
"Love." Corey sent it in. A few guest riders in it...