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Snowboard Season: 04/05

" pat capita " Patty pat pat pat. Patty mc patterson. Mr pat. Begles. Pat Begley.
" TJ 1996 " In 1999 some friends around calgary started to make little movies , this was the year that I started to get coverage in magazines like snowboard canada. I'm 18 or 19 years old in this fun stuff . TJ
" TJ coc 1996 " This is the video that I made the year after canadians kick ass. I was 16 years old and had been riding for about 2 and a half years. TJ
" TJ First Video " I found the very first video that i made called "canadians kick ass" . I was 15 years old and had been riding for about a year.
" botched movie " Sometimes things get botched sometimes people fall , sometimes tripods stick , sometimes people just mess up the shot . dustin (handplant) scotty (bs 7 first try no warm up) , tj cliff pillow straight line)
" I don't need these so here you go " Andrew Burns(y). Come visit me Andrew. We can hang out and play.
"TJ babydance " Details? I am not sure - going to have to ask TJ about this one.....
" RT Boris " Ryan Thompson can be so productive at the office when he sets his mind to it. He must be #@%%$^@ bored with his arm all messed up.
" TJ Holidays " A little Holiday cheer from TJ and friends.
"scott sunshine " Scott Shaw. Sunshine Village. Sweet moves.
"gnar core " ambush, approach, chase, drive, flush out, haunt, hunt, pace, pursue, shadow, striddle, stride, strut, swagger, tail, track, trail... gnar core.
"TJ Footy." A collection of TJ's shots, edited by himself. Music: "dress to please" by "commander venus"
"Didn't Make the Cut." A collection of TJ's bails and "B" footage..... Music: "yes you are busted" by "kind of like spitting"