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Something to Get laid on or something killer

This is the time of the year were nothing is really going on no one updates the site and it can get really plain like toast with no jam. This is what the team and myself have been up to... note that i have not talked to some of them in a real long time so i will make up what i would like to think they are doing. Scott Shaw - Currently living at tj's house and having a blast i often spend a fair amount of time these days with this human. right now he is probly at the bar and i sadly am not with him to bad he's a fag anyways. Back to the point recently he has been working at his dads shop doing man type shit to get ripped for the summer. He will be going to summer camp at hood to guest coach, and i hope his car doesn't crash on the way down there, mostly cause i will be driving him. TJ hot dog Scheinder - If i didn't spell his last name right too bad Im lazy and mostly dont care. Tj is currently trying to sell his house so if anyone want to buy a house in calgary you can get ahold of him on the internet cause thats were he spends a lot of time. Im not sure but i think he might go to camp of champs for a bit this summer to raise campers spirits and remember why he loves to board. What ever he is doing Im sure he's happy and it probly better than what ever your doing...ha Dan Brisse - I don't get to talk to him much but its had to get ahold of someone that spends his weekends working for military. Im sure that if he isn't in tactical force at this moment he would be doing push ups in his undies and loving every moment of it. Dan if you read this Im sorry i love you and your GF keep it real hommie and call me sometime. Jonas Carlson - He would be in sweden if i could tell you what he would be doing it would involve a lip full of snusssy and a large lager. either that or he is playing on line poker or enjoying the huge amount of porn that he has. Weather he is going out or getting off i know he is having fun over there. Tyler Lepore - Started a bike shop in Vancouver and is living life to the fullest Cory Smith - I just could not tell you what he is up to right now i cant even think of something amazing to make up cause my mental capacity is dying and with every word i type Im trying to figure out why Im doing this god danmit. Dustin Craven - Myself i am currently thinking about killing myself jesus why am i doing this i guess this is rock bottom and i bid you fair well. Im not really killing myself this isn't a cry for help Im fine, i know Im fine cause i have a beer in my hand and am going to sled this weekend how could i not be pumped. Well there it is hope you like it dont do drugs drink safe and remember condoms are like helmets you only really need one if your a pussy