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Team Check In: Hot Dawgz and Handrails

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Words: Brendon Rego
Photos: Alessandro Giampaolo @ag_photographix

Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails kicked off this past Saturday and the crew at Bear Mountain constructed yet another world class pre-season set-up; the kind that gives you the jitters from the overwhelming amount of possibilities and anticipation to snowboard.


It’s #FalconTime baby!


Benny Milam, Pat Fava, Kennedi Deck, and Miles Fallon made the pilgrimage to join other up-and-coming riders from all across North America and take a shot at some cash. When all was said and done, Pat Fava took home 3rd place and Benny Milam claimed the Best Trick Award.


The bottom tier of the course featured two up rails leading into these wedged banks, with a butter pad gap through the middle & step up kickers to border that. Here’s Benny opting to shoot the gap.


We sat down with Pat & Benny to recap the event.

For those that have never been to a Hot Dawgz & Hand Rails, what is the atmosphere like? It seems like over the years the event has become an unofficial kick-off to the season.

Pat: The atmosphere is the best! You get to see a ton of homies you haven't seen in a while and all hang in SoCal. It should be called "HDHR season kick off" haha, its getting colder and a lot of us are ready for snow!
Benny: The atmosphere is crazy. It’s a big music festival so you get a bunch of crazy people that come up from LA. It’s always a good time though.

How many years have you participated in the event? Which has been your favorite?

Pat: This was my second time snowboarding in Hot Dawgz, this year was definitely my favorite!
Benny: This year was my 4th year. It’s hard to say what my favorite year is though. They’ve all been fun. This year was definitely the most mellow year as far as the set up goes.


Aside from this tuck knee backflip, Benny Milam also laced up the DFD with a frontside hardway 270 tuck knee to the down.


With a $10,000 purse on the line and a stacked field of established rippers and up-and-coming riders; what’s it like competing? Are you out there trying to take a stab at some cash or is there more to it?

Pat: I think theres more to it with everyone just getting used to snowboarding again, but having ten thousand dollars on the line definitely makes it more exciting.
Benny: HDHR is like a big snowboarding reunion. All the homies from all over come out and snowboard. The money kind of motivates you to try stuff but it’s just fun to snowboard with all the homies.

What was the highlight of the event for you?

Pat: Highlight was placing third and being on the podium with what we called the airbnb bois this weekend.  And also Benny Milam who is one of my favorites to watch snowboard.
Benny: Haha watching Miles Fallon get tossed around in the mosh pit while Awolnation was playing the song “Sail” was up there but getting to board with all the homies was definitely my highlight.

Tell us something funny from that happened over the weekend.

Pat: Jaeger Bailey and Alito had a bet that whoever lost to each other had to non-orally consume a beer... it happened.
Benny: Haha Reid Smith tried to bring some girls back to the AirBnb to party after the Beta premiere and they ended up being the absolute worst girls.


Style matters. Pat Fava putting down a flavor blasted frontside 360 Indy.

Last but not least, what are your plans this winter? Anything big planned?

Pat: Im going to travel to some new places, snowboard as much as i can, and try to get together a part of some sort for the future!
Benny: Well I just moved out to Utah, into the Dust Box, so I’m pretty hyped on that. We have a pretty heavy crew living there so I’m in for a treat haha. Rumor has it there is gonna be a Beta 2, so I think I might be filming for that but I’m not really sure yet. Other then that I’m pretty much just waiting for things to pop up throughout the season.