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Throwback Thursday: 2006 Lepore's Outdoor Living

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An early on staple in the CAPiTA line, The Outdoor Living really began to grow into a CAPiTA classic when Tyler Lepore took creative control of the series. One of the most iconic graphics in his tenure on the CAPiTA pro team came in 2006-2007 with an Outdoor Living graphic inspired by travels to Spain.

The 2006-2007 Outdoor Living Series as seen in that years catalog


What was your process in creating the graphic for the 06-07 Outdoor Living Series?

Lepore: I was in Barcelona Spain, visiting a friend, drinking lots and painting, partying and having so much fun.  Paper, glue, pen. Some collage if I found interesting clippings. I went to Spain a few times, as a young person and as an adault....every trip was insane. A few memories are: Smoking hash/ disco's with techo/ George Covalla/ Jeff Galbreth / Ikar Fernandez/ powder / breaking glass/ women with power.

What was your influence for this Outdoor graphic style?

Lepore: I just remember being under the gun to get these board graphics done. I had collected paper and things around the street during my trip, a few old european travel magazines etc.

Detail from the design. Original clippings used on the board series found in the 06-07 catalog collage.


During those years what were the influences in your art overall?

Lepore: I don't think I ever had a real infulence as far as people go. I was always just inspired by what people might think about what I'm creating. Also places I traveled to had a big impact on myself and my art.

Do you have a CAPiTA graphic that you are most proud of or that was your favorite work?

Lepore: I liked the trade show booth I did for Capita years back, with over 3,000 4"x6" photo graphics. I like the totally awesome series. I like them all. So many, fun, great memories.