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Throwback Thursday: Dustin Craven in First Kiss

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In 2007 we released our first ever team movie 'First Kiss'. The video showcased some staples on the CAPiTA team like TJ Schneider and Tyler Lepore but also was one of the first looks at a young, talented Dustin Craven. At age 17 Dustin was new to the whole filming process but took his first steps in growing as a backcountry snowboarder and stood out at events like Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark to land the opening part in 'First Kiss'.

Dustin and Jonas Carlson on a trip in Japan 2007 p: Joel Fraser


Dustin: "First Kiss was my second movie I filmed for. I had only previously worked with Sandbox on their first film and was still very new to the whole thing. First Kiss was also my first year snowmobiling!

That season I spent most of my time learning how to sled from Scott Shaw, a CAPiTA am at the time who was also from Calgary. We would spend most of our time with TJ Schneider and filmed around Golden BC a lot.

I remember we did a trip to Smithers, BC. It was supposed to be a trip to Alaska but one of the trucks broke down so we only made it 1/4 of the way. That was my first time driving really far or what I thought was really far just to film for two weeks. Thi syear I made the same trip for only three days, its crazy what we do to find pow."